Let the Datec team architect and design a proven solution. Considering your timeline for installation, bandwidth of your technical talent and speak to the soft costs involved, our goal is to aid our clients assess, design, educate, test, deploy and manage (internal or outsource) security solutions.

With Datec’s technical expertise and the integration experience necessary to provide complete storage, back-up and disaster recovery/business continuance solutions we can greatly reduce the amount of time and energy expended by your purchasing or IT staff in procuring technology solutions that best fit your business objectives, both immediate and long term. As a technology partner, Datec can provide availability; handle DOAs, initial ordering and order tracking as well as history with international shipments.

Contract Management

Datec prides itself in keeping detailed and up to date records of our customer’s enterprise inventory. We are a single point of contact for your contract & support management across your entire data center.  Datec stays vigilant in helping you reduce support costs and stay up to date on firmware updates and End of Life products.

Our Process:

  • Reminders are sent 2 months in advance to give the end user ample time to get approved budget
  • Friendly Follow-up reminders are then sent about 10 days prior to expiration
  • Quotes are sent with a myriad of reminders and information of new Term Dates, serial #s, and detailed support levels
  • Datec’s access across various manufacturers install base helps us consolidate multiple end dates and request removal of support for offline boxes.
  • We’re also available to dive deep into any cost reduction projects related to support consolidations.


Added Purchasing Features:

  • Washington’s Electronic Business Solution is an Internet vendor registration and bid notification system. The system offers one online site where vendors can register to receive government bid notifications.  Governmental buyers go to the same site to post bidding opportunities and amendments. WEBS
  • Erate Approved:  SPIN #:
    • King County
    • City of Bellevue
    • Douglas County Library
  • WSCA – The Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) is an alliance among the 15 western states identified above that establishes cooperative buying vehicles for public sector purchasers within those states. The resulting multistate cooperative contracts are open to use by all state purchasers, as well as local governments, K-12 educational institutions and public colleges and universities within those states. Other public sector state and local government entities are eligible to use WSCA contracts with the permission of WSCA.
  • 3rd party leasing
  • Customized terms



Datec is an authorized activation partner with key nationwide wireless carriers:

  • Sprint- CDMA PCS
  • Verizon- CDMA PCS

We can manage your complete activation with the correct carrier based on your specific needs,  provide expert consulting on carrier plan and the right wireless data modem for you.

Contract Fleet Management
Datec has partnered with city government, public utility, and public works department facilities managers providing them with a powerful and cost effective fleet maintenance management solution.

We come to you; our fleet management repair van comes to you to maintain the following:

  • Mobile computers
  • Mounting
  • Wireless data
  • Antennas

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