Best of class solutions for today’s infrastructure needs.
Datec’s dynamic solutions address our customers’ comprehensive technology infrastructure needs, from servers, desktops, printers, power, security and storage to networks and systems management. Our multi-platform, multi-vendor expertise enables us to select the right products—or blend of products—to meet each individual customer’s business needs, and to integrate them for optimal performance.

By choosing Datec, our partners enjoy the convenience and integrity of a single-source, end-to-end solution from a trusted and established name in IT solutions for over 25 years.

Network & System Management:

Does your IT staff need to meet service level agreements? Do you need visibility to your network traffic? Datec can assist you with IP addresses management, server and client management, application response time, or just quicker and more comprehensive reporting for making key IT decisions. We team with such solution vendors as Juniper, Cisco, F5, Mcafee-Sniffer/Netasyst, Splunk, to help your IT department find ways to meet the increasing demands on your infrastructure. Businesses are spending a tremendous amount of time and money deploying solutions that are highly available across the enterprise. Optimize these solutions by purchasing the right tool set that saves you time and money. Whether your departmental concern is application or network driven, we partner with leading vendors to provide insight into how users receive data in their IT environment.

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An important element for a successful is the availability of its electronic data. Because data affects your business, you need a storage infrastructure that makes sense for your company.  Datec works with a variety of functional groups within the IT organization to assist them in evaluating data needs and application service requirements. With the help of our partners, the Datec’s solutions group, and our client’s team, we prioritize and organize your data needs around the concept of Information Lifecycle Management. We will assist you to architect, design, scale, implement, and manage highly reliable storage solutions.

SAN’s, NAS’s, virtual servers, archiving software, and Content Addressable Storage solutions are just some of the tools we use to achieve your data management goals. Our solutions team unites hardware, software, and services into a cohesive solution to meet your business goals. Many of our clients have data archiving challenges around SQL, Exchange, Digital Content, and BI systems. With partners such as nimble storage, compellent(dell), EMC Isilon, EMC Datadomain, Coraid, Promise and quantum we can bring a unique value proposition to each storage requirement.  These business storage solutions can also be combined with Datec’s security, networking, server, and business continuity offerings to provide an IT infrastructure that is ensured to address your total enterprise requirements.

Datec’s experiences include the following solutions and technologies:

  • SAN and NAS Technology with FC, SCSI and ATA
  • Backup and Recovery using Disk to Disk to Tape
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance in multi OS environments
  • Exchange Quick Recovery Solutions
  • Server Consolidation/ Virtual Server Solutions
  • LTO Tape Library solutions in FC and SCSI environments
  • Centralized Storage / Data Management
  • Data Archival & Fixed Content Solutions

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IT Security has become a boardroom-level business concern for many companies as hackers and malware authors are employing sophisticated new tools and techniques to compromise networks and exploit security weaknesses. Now more than ever, businesses must consider and address the risks associated with e-business and other web based IT technologies. Datec offers a layered approach of products and services that when engaged together form a comprehensive package of enterprise-wide solutions for breach prevention, detection and remediation.  Our consultants and engineers deploy security best business practices to develop, implement and support your secured environment.

Let the Datec security team architect and design a proven solution. Considering your timeline for installation, bandwidth of your technical talent and speak to the soft costs involved, our goal is to aid our clients assess, design, educate, test, deploy and manage (internal or outsource) security solutions.

Our partners for routing, switching and firewall space include Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, F5, Watchguard, Mcafee and Symantec assist us from the IDS/IPS, client, messaging and server level. Infoblox and BlueCat are part of our portfolio around DNS/DHCHP, change and configuration management, and network management. CIsco, Ironport and McAfeehave been successful in numerous of our client sites for anti-spam solutions.


  • Firewall Architecture and Implementation
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Enterprise Antivirus
  • Desktop and Client Security
  • Security Program Tools (Scanning)
  • Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines
  • Virtual Private Networking – VPN
  • Event Management and Logging
  • Authentication and Identity Solutions
  • Content Controls, Blocking and Monitoring
  • Network and System Hardening/Logging
  • Enterprise Security Program Development

The strength of these partnerships ensures that our customers receive the very best technology available through a single point of contact for their end-to-end IT needs.

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Data Center:

Our clients are looking for a robust, adaptable network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) that is essential to maintaining highly available and manageable networks. Datec delivers solutions from market leaders like APC, Emerson Liebert, Servertech, and Chatsworth.

The applications driving these modular and standardized solutions are voice-over IP, ERP and mission critical databases. In the past many customers bought up to 2.5 times current power, UPS, and cooling requirements due to space planning and initial funding issues. With new modular solutions from APC clients can fill their requirements on a as needed basis rather than trying to predict possible future growth.

Datec solutions range from product recommendations, sales/service to completion of turnkey installations. We offer design support, sales, installation, service and support of single and 3-phase power quality products in the Pacific Northwest. In addition we can provide generators for your networks, data centers and medical facilities.

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Application & Server Availability:

Application availability has become a key concern for most enterprise and e-commerce companies alike. Whether serving up web content, ERP, VoIP, CRM, messaging, SQL, Oracle, or legacy applications, their uptime has become the lifeblood of many companies. Application servers have become a focal point in most enterprise computing architectures and will continue to play an even larger role as Web services and applications become more common inside and outside the enterprise. Here at Datec we have services and tools to assist with keeping your core applications available to users.

These tools include:

  • Load balancing servers
  • Load balancing data centers
  • SSL offload, virtualization
  • Power/UPS/cooling
  • Application monitoring via agents
  • BIOS level remote access
  • DNS/DHCP IP address management
  • WAN bandwidth management
  • Load balancing

Server Consolidation

Whether you’re consolidating to reduce expenses, increase security features, improve reliability, or implementing a more effective server design, we can help you develop an optimal server environment to fit your project.


  • Centralization services – helps you relocate existing servers to fewer sites.
  • Physical consolidation services – replaces multiple smaller servers with fewer and more powerful servers.
  • Data integration services – combines a wide variety of data into a single repository.
  • Application integration services – migrates multiple applications to a new platform,  helping you take advantage of new technologies like VMware and blade servers form HP and IBM.

Our deliverables can include:

  • Gather customer business and technical requirements
  • Conduct software and hardware inventory
  • Suggest implementation strategy, software and hardware standards
  • Systems design including backups and disaster planning
  • Infrastructure design including network, files and print servers
  • Capacity planning
  • Security, ChargeBack
  • Migration methodology
  • Costing
  • Ongoing support


Virtualization technology transforms IT efficiencies by reducing hardware and operating costs while increasing responsiveness. Our clients are taking advantage of the technology from VMware for running multiple applications on one physical server, and allowing for virtual machine reboots. By using virtualization, customers can improve CPU utilization, reduce deployment time of servers and applications, and re-allocate existing resources for better efficiency.  Datec can elevate your business to the next generation of computing.

Some additional features include: consolidating underutilized servers, streamline testing and deployment, delivering cost-effective high availability, and providing for a secure platform for e-business infrastructure.

Virtualization technology transforms IT efficiencies by reducing hardware and operating costs while increasing responsiveness. Our clients are taking advantage of the technology from VMware for running multiple applications on one physical server, and allowing for virtual machine reboots. By using virtualization, customers can improve CPU utilization, reduce deployment time of servers and applications, and re-allocate existing resources for better efficiency.  Datec can elevate your business to the next generation of computing.

Power/UPS/cooling and generators

Our exceptional relationship with APC has allowed Datec to assist many of our IT customers with some of their operational and facilities challenges. When American Power Conversion started offering InfraStruXure, Datec was one of the first in the Pacific Northwest to step up and become a partner. This UL listed power solution brings power, battery, PDU and KVA/KW solutions into the hands of the IT director. In addition, this on-demand architecture allows for fully integrated power, cooling, and environmental management within a rack-optimized design. These custom systems are built from standardized components, which are modular, manageable, and pre-engineered to work together. The modularity of APCs infrastructure solution enables a datacenter client to buy and install only what is required for today, yet easily scalable to meet future demands. InfraStruXure™ increases system availability while decreasing design and install time from months down to days, all while eliminating the need for raised floors in most situations.

DNS/DHCP and IP address management Enterprise network infrastructures have become more intertwined with service providers over the years. Therefore, access, applications, and NOC are issues raised for  IT Managers and Service Providers alike.  DNS/DHCP IP management software is the industry-leading option for management of IP services in mid-to large-sized organizations. VitalQIP software simplifies your operations, centralizes your network control, and reduces administrative expense.

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Server & Blade:

Whether your server(s) reside in your network, data center, virtually or in the Cloud, your server infrastructure needs to perform efficiently, reliably and most importantly to scale to your organizations business purposes. Datec understands this need and has strategically partnered with providers to allow efficient and cost effective solutions.

Many of our clients engage us with server consolidation and optimization needs. Blade technology can be a large part of a successful consolidation effort taking your data center to the next level of reliability and scalability. Our clients also have needs for high availability, density and multi- application processing capabilities. With backup, storage and virtualization as a staple of our offerings, we feel we can be a one source for our customer’s critical application computing needs.

Datec’s offerings include:

  • Cisco UCS
  • HP Proliant
  • HP C Series
  • Dell PowerEdge
  • IBM Blade Center
  • VMware
  • NAS/SAN Content Addressable Storage
  • Storage Assessments
  • Consolidation

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Contract Management

Datec prides itself in keeping detailed and up to date records of our customer’s enterprise inventory. We are a single point of contact for your contract & support management across your entire data center.  Datec stays vigilant in helping you reduce support costs and stay up to date on firmware updates and End of Life products.

Our Contract Management Process:

  • Reminders are sent 2 months in advance to give the end user ample time to get approved budget
  • Friendly Follow-up reminders are then sent about 10 days prior to expiration
  • Quotes are sent with a myriad of reminders and information of new Term Dates, serial #s, and detailed support levels
  • Datec’s access across various manufacturers install base helps us consolidate multiple end dates and request removal of support for offline boxes.
  • We’re also available to dive deep into any cost reduction projects related to support consolidations.

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